What is the difference between Sound and Audio?

Have you heard the terms “sound” and “audio”?

Many people heard about these terms, and probably know they are somewhat similar. The main difference between sound and audio is how they are formed. Here is the definitions for sound, it can be defined both physically and perceptually. Physically, sound is the form of acoustic waves that propagates in the medium such as gas liquid, and solid. Perceptually, sound is the perceived waves by the brain. The frequencies that can be perceived by brain is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. What about audio? Audio is one kind of sound but it usually uses either electrical voltage for analog audio or binaries(0s and 1s) for digital audio.

We also can see that sound travels via medium and audio typically travels via wires. Now, we have some ideas for sound and audio and thank you for reading my first post. Happy easter too!

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