People do not have the same ear shape as we know, this matters how the people perceive the sound. The shape of the external ear, the depth of the eardrum, and others matter to the frequency responses of the ears.

So, the sound pressure level(loudness) can be heard differently over…

I have heard about Dolby Atmos some years ago but actually didn’t try out. Finally, I had a chance to watch “Black Widow” at Dolby Cinema in Seoul. Before I talk about my experience of the Dolby Atmos, I would like to talk about what exactly the Dolby Atmos is.

CD Quality Music?

I remember that I used my cd player to play CDs when I was a student. Now, CD became old legacy and most people enjoy a streaming service such as Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and etc.

Like I mentioned on previous post, Apple Music started their streaming…

Lossless Audio ? The game changer?

Source: apple

Apple Music recently announced that the Apple music will have a spatial audio with Dolby ATMOS and lossless audio without an additional cost from June. I would like to talk about the lossless audio in this article. …

Have you heard the terms “sound” and “audio”?

Many people heard about these terms, and probably know they are somewhat similar. The main difference between sound and audio is how they are formed. Here is the definitions for sound, it can be defined both physically and perceptually. Physically, sound is…

Hyunmyung Lim

Acoustic Engineer who loves music, photography, travel, drinks, and food.

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